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Reduce risk of type 2 diabetes with this simple diet plan

Diabetes diet chart

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Before we proceed on diabetes diet chart & exercises which you should start to overcome this, let’s understand how food & drug mechanism works in the body, which could help you maintain the diet you require. Doesn’t matter you are diabetic or not, you can prevent your self as well by following this routine in your daily life.


What is Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 is known to be the most common form & it occurs when the body cells stop responding to insulin or when the pancreas no longer produces enough amount needed. Resulted in glucose keep stay in the blood and it’s not propelled for energy.

Pre-diabetes, this is the initial stage of the medical condition, which means the blood glucose above the average; although, not exactly be termed as diabetes but chances of type 2 diabetes are higher passing through this stage.

Gestational Diabetes happens during pregnancy, due to high blood sugar levels.


How Food & Drug Mechanism perform in the body

When you consume food, whether cereals, or vegetables, or curry or fruits, it goes from the mouth to the stomach, into the intestine, at this point, it breaks down into smaller particles and then goes into the liver. Re-processing occurs in the liver and with the help of blood circulation; the food gets distributed into the entire body.

Therefore, it goes to every cell of the body with assistance to produce energy to the whole body and with which may repair the body. It may be used in body growth or some other metabolic activities.

Role of Insulin

That’s how the body works with food intake, but the crucial thing is, to accept food, every cell has to open its doors. Cells cannot open doors all by themselves, and for this, Insulin, which is the particular chemical in blood circulation, is needed. Insulin is a key to the gates of all cells; it means only with this hormone can cells doors be opened.

Diabetic patients do not produce insulin properly. Meaning the pancreas, which is the producing factory for this, is not functioning well. The pancreas is a small organ in the body, somewhere behind the liver.

In spite of enough circulation of food in the body, cells won’t be able to make use of it; therefore, the blood sugar level rises, and that is termed as diabetes.

Impact of taking diabetes drug to the body

Usually, doctors prescribe many classes of drugs for diabetes treatment, these drugs might affect the liver, pancreas, intestine, and the entire cells of the body respectively.

It directly deals with the liver, forcing it to regularize the blood glucose. Few are to force the pancreas to produce more insulin & also work on the intestine to release carbohydrates slowly. Many works on all cells at the same time so that the sensitivity of the cells towards insulin is raised.

All drugs work well for some time, but due to the burden of medicine, the pancreas stops working altogether.

Meaning, the chemical for the key to the cell doors is no more being produced by the body. And which, will bring about the injection of insulin into the body several times a day — injecting it every time you take a meal.

Since the pancreas is damaged, some patients in a few years become prone to pancreatic cancer. Therefore, a patient with diabetes for a long time ends up with some other more ailments.


Effective Diabetes Diet

Choosing an adequate diet to prevent and control diabetes can be very hard to find. There are many diet plans which have proven to be non-beneficial. After the use of many drugs, patients are not relieved. The secretion of insulin, which is a need in diabetes treatment by the Pancreas, shuts down.

Contrary to a common belief, 100% fruit juice is safe. Today, the recognized glucometer reading for a diabetic patient is 160.

According to Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury, the consumption of fructose, which is present in all fruits, reduces it to a 100.

Here’s the diet plan suggested by him, by adopting this for a month, you can overcome the type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, gestational diabetes problems.*

Also, he recommends stopping taking the drug if you are following this diet plan & keep observe yourself for 3-4 days (prefer to stay at home if possible).


Diabetes Diet Chart

Diabetic Diet Breakfast Eat three to four types of fruits in the morning (avoid beverages).

Quantity- Add a zero to the total amount of your weight in gram. Meaning, if a patient weighs 85kg, the fruit quantity should be 850g.

Lunch- Eat approximately three types of raw eatable vegetables first, in the afternoon before taking your daily meal

Quantity- Your weight X 5 in grams, for example, if you weigh 85kg your food should weigh 425g.

Dinner- A cooked vegetable meal in any amount of quantity.


Exercise to prevent diabetes

When it comes to managing diabetes, there’s a lot to watch, which includes checking of blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol, and food intake. If we add our hectic daily life like work, family and other things to it, exercise will be missing from the list of things to do.

But the reality is, we all require exercise to stay healthy, more meaningful activity for someone with diabetes.

Aerobic Exercise

We mentioned above that diabetes can affect the heart; this exercise works the heart muscle and enables oxygen and blood to flow to the tissues. Thereby, decreasing blood pressure.

ADA (The American Diabetes Association) recommends thirty minutes of aerobic exercise at least five days a week. Here are examples of aerobic activities to engage in:


Strength Training

Also known as resistance training enables your body to lower blood sugar making cells more sensitive to insulin. Also, it helps to build and maintain strong bones and muscles, minimizing the chances for bone fractures.

Some form of resistance/strength training for at least two times a week together with aerobic activity is recommended. These are examples of such actions:

Weight machines

Lifting light weights or objects

Using resistance bands

HIIT Exercises like sit-ups, squats, pushups, lunges, and wall-sits

Other activities like heavy gardening


Flexibility Exercises (Yoga)

Health experts believe that the practice of yoga helps boost mobility, improve total wellness. And also, lower blood pressure, which is related to medical therapies like diabetes treatment and heart disease control.

Yoga is potent enough to have positive effects on blood sugar level control, with a critical role in type 2 diabetes treatments. Researches have proven that yoga practices like Anasas, Meditation, Kriya, Pranayama, etc., which involves twisting or stretching and mental relaxation. It improves pancreatic functions, stimulating the secretion of insulin.

Verdict: Exercise enhances insulin sensitivity and helps the cells, muscles, and organs take sugars from the blood. It can lead to a reduction in blood sugar levels.




This information is only for educational purposes, we strictly prefer you to consult your dietician/doctor before doing such practices.



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